A strong need for innovation and improvement of existing products and processes, as well as for the introduction of new products is generally felt in this contest. The Area skills in this field have always been oriented toward the collaboration with the complex industrial scenario on the national territory (in Lombardy in particular), and have also recently received consistent grants by large national industrial manufacturing groups (Benetton, Luxottica, Radici Group, Medialario, Fincantieri) by the Ministry for University and Scientific Research (FIRB project on innovative technologies and materials for the textile industry), as well as by European Union (SME Project on dry lubrication) and by Lombardy region (metadistricts).
In this area, skills will be particularly focused on the development of new applications for micro and nanotechnology (e.g. plasma treatments, sol-gel, elettrospinning, CVD, PVD ...), as well as on new applications in different key sectors, as textiles, paperboard and automotive, that are specially relevant for the national manufacturing industry and more in general for Made in Italy.