Materials research in advanced Information and Communication Technology (ICT) applications represents a strategic area for the development of devices with novel features and application-oriented performances. Even if conventional silicon-based micro-electronic represents a mature industrial sector, with very attractive margins in new solutions and processes optimization research, nanoelectronics and other molecular electronics represent more recent industrial applied technologies (e.g. LED for conventional and flexible displays, OFET, sensors, magnetic memories… realized by using polymers or polyconjugated oligomers).
The well recognized competencies in materials chemistry, spectroscopic techniques and materials modeling –evidenced by numerous international publications- will be oriented to the development of projects aimed at realizing novel electronic (e.g. non-volatile organic memory), photonic (e.g. nonlinear optics) and optoelectronic devices.
During the recent peer-review evaluation, scientific results obtained in this area by the department have been classified as excellent.