Green and Sustainable Chemistry

The group aims to adopt an integrated interdisciplinary model on issues of sustainability and health at molecular level based on the principles of Green/Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering. Starting from relevant industrial issues and in connection with the UE REACH legislation, the research is oriented to drive technological innovations and to the development of safer, healthier, and more sustainable products and processes, minimizing the impact to the environment, improving energy and raw material efficiencies, finding new uses of renewable sources, reducing the need for virgin materials and adopting less hazardous alternatives.
The specific sectors presently covered are:
1)    oxidation processes by oxygen and hydrogen peroxide
2)    production of biobased chemicals and fuels
3)    substitution of hazard chemical in composite materials and coatings
4)    invention of reactions that reduce production of greenhouse gases
5)    development of environmentally benign solvents
6)    manufacturing methods using biocatalysis
7)    green metrics and quantitative evaluation of sustainability

Interaction with the industry, including the SMEs, is strongly pursued to favour the transfer of the acquired results from the research. The group operates within the GC scientific community to favour the adoption of GC practices and encourage the teaching of GC to all level of instruction.