Synthesis of chiral compounds and isotope differentiation of chemically identical molecules

The research group in charge of this project is actively working on the enzyme –mediated preparation of the single enantiomers of chiral biologically active molecules, either flavours and fragrances or drugs. The group is involved in the European Project INTENANT (INTegrated synthesis and purification of single ENANTiomers - FP7-NMP-2007-SMALL-June 2008 -2011, and it co-operates with other groups to optimise the synthesis of the single enantiomers of chiral drugs by combining organic synthetic methods with physical separation techniques.
In strict connection with this synthetic work, the group is also developing isotopic methods for the authentication of flavours, in order to distinguish their extractive or synthetic origin, and for the investigation of the synthetic history of commercial drugs, in order to discover counterfeiting and patent infringements. Both the research lines are connected to the department thematic area “Health”.