The Chemistry Section of CMIC Department

Chemical science and technology are of vital importance for the modern world. The scientific work undertaken within the Chemistry Section of the CMIC Department covers traditional as well as new chemical disciplines from pure research to engineering-oriented applications up to the development of patentable materials, processes, devices, and devices.
Fundamental studies span theoretical, analytical, organic and bioorganic chemistry. In some cases, they have led to the discovery of materials, processes, and diagnostics of widespread use today.
Recently, these traditional research lines have been expanding towards cutting-edge applications at the interface between biology, materials, nanoscience. The development of sustainable chemical technologies is also another major research topic.  Technology transfer and service to industrial activities are also routinely practised.
The Chemistry Section of the CMIC Department maintains a state-of-the-art instrument facilities. Available analytical instruments include: NMR, GC/MS, HPLC/UV-Vis, FT-IR, X-ray spectrometers. A unique Fluorine Laboratory is also operative. In the Computational Laboratory, we have access to national supercomputer centres and maintain a cluster of networked Silicon Graphics and Linux workstations for molecular modeling and scientific visualization.
The Chemistry Section offers courses at different levels, from general chemistry for first-year engineering students to more advanced, specialized courses for students in Chemical Engineering and in Materials Engineering. Personnel from the Section participates in the PhD programs in Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and in Material Engineering.