Environment and Safety

Researches in the Environment & Safety field have a consolidate tradition in the Department both in the theoretical/modelling and in the experimental activities. Advanced modelling tools, such as those developed in the frame of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Quantum Mechanics (QM), and Dynamic Process Simulation (DPS) are readily available in the Department and they are routinely used also in the Environment & Safety research fields.
The research activities in the environmental protection from industrial pollution field involve the whole pollutant cycle, starting from the design of environmental friendly processes to reduce pollutant formation, through the design of innovative end-of-pipe processes and plants to reduce the pollutant emissions, up to the search for the best available remediation techniques once the environmental has been polluted.
Analogously, the research activities in the industrial safety field refer to the whole product cycle, starting from the identification of the inherently safe operating conditions for reactive and non-reactive systems to prevent the accident, up to the modelling of the consequences of industrial accidents once the accident is happened. Moreover, worker’s safety problems are also considered throughout the production cycle.

Research projects active in these fields are the following (click on for more details):

1. Environmental protection from Industrial Pollution
1.a - Environmental-friendly processes and plants
1.b - End-of-pipe processes and plants
1.c – Remediation techniques

2. Industrial Safety
2.a – Inherently safe processes and plants
2.b – Consequences of major industrial accidents
2.c – Worker’s safety

Research laboratories and facilities
Experimental studies are supported by the CFALab (www.chem.polimi.it/cfalab), the Analyses Tests and Industrial Researches Lab, as well as the Odours Emission and Control Lab, which occupy about 600 m2 and are equipped with several instruments, lab-scale pilot plants and bunkers.
Modelling studies are supported by an 80 processors/45 nodes linux cluster, complemented with suitable software for quantum chemistry and computational fluid dynamics calculations.
Educational Activities
The Department offers undergraduate and graduate level courses in the Environment & Safety field, it mainly supports the educational activities of the Master of Science in Safety and Prevention Engineering in the Process Industry (www.ipsip.polimi.it), and it is deeply involved in the educational activities of the Master of Science in Civil Engineering for Environmental Risks Mitigation (www.master-riskmanagement.lecco.polimi.it)