Researches in the Energy field have a consolidate tradition in the Department both in the theoretical/modelling and in the experimental activities. Special attention is devoted to the fundamentals of chemical reacting fluids. Kinetic investigations of complex chemistry, like pyrolysis or combustion, are carried out together with fluidynamic studies and the interactions between turbulence and kinetics. Applications of this activity involve both traditional and new technologies, as well as the increasing of efficiencies and pollutant reductions.

Research projects active in this field are the following:
Chemical kinetics
New technologies
Renewable energies
Oil sands technologies

Research laboratories and facilities
Cfa Lab occupies about 400 m2 and is equipped with several instruments…
CRECK Lab has computational facilities which include a 16-CPU XEON machine, with 32 GB memory and access to the parallel computing facilities of CILEA.
Educational Activities
The Department offers undergraduate and graduate level courses in the energy field. It also biannualy promotes seminars open to graduate students and technicians on combustion fundamentals. Energy is also a significant component of courses on chemical kinetics, chemical reaction engineering, transport phenomena and propulsion