Research in Chemical Engineering

The human society continuous economical and industrial growth is limited by the available planet resources. It is therefore called on science and engineering to develop new sustainable technologies, compatible with a situation of development in limited resources conditions. This has resulted in the development of science and technology in various areas: renewable energy, alternative energy sources, production efficiency increase, transport and use of electricity, and control of the production of carbon dioxide. In parallel to the environment/energy field, the concept of sustainability has occurred in other areas, the foremost being that of human health. The costs for health care are constantly increasing in Western countries, following a trend not different from that of energy. The first therapeutic proteins that treat the diseases are widespread in the market and many others are being adopted at various stages of clinical trials. The cost of production of these molecules, however, is prohibitive and incompatible with sustainable development. The Chemical Engineering division of the CMIC Department intends to contribute to solving these problems through the conception and implementation of chemical processes in the energy, environment and health fields, respecting the conditions of compatibility outlined above. This requires the use of methodologies that take advantage of advanced research approaches, such as the  Multiscale, the Multidisciplinary, and  the Modeling/Experimental approaches.

Research areas in which the outlined approach is applied are the following:


Environment and Safety