Research at CMIC

The Department conjugates competences in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Materials with Energy, Sustainability and Health.

The Department is the center of the “chemical culture” within the Politecnico di Milano and its interests cover many of the most relevant research fields of chemistry, chemical engineering and materials science and engineering.
The scientific development of these disciplines is deeply stimulated by the unique necessity to solve problems on dimensional scales ranging from those of molecules to large industrial plants, covering an interval spanning about 10-12 orders of magnitude, both in time and space.

The CMIC Department competencies fully covers these intervals being able to address the solution to almost any emerging problem by a team of scientists with expertise in different areas, from the chemical synthesis and product design to the planning of production plants and processes, and the related environmental and safety aspects.
The possibility to approach a problem from different view points in a multi disciplinary attitude can be indeed identified as the qualifying strength of the CMIC Department. Thanks to this cross expertise we have been able to adapt and renovate our own competencies to follow the evolution of the most significant problems of “chemical” nature.
As a consequence, the CMIC Department increased its presence in industrial fields away from the merely chemical one (e.g. energy, electronics, cultural heritage, biomaterials, biotechnology, food, material durability and protection) where the increasing importance of the same concepts of sustainability and quality is imposing a strong necessity to evaluate and manage phenomena on progressively smaller scales. However the traditional expertise in the field of polymer synthesis and structure elucidation, applied physical chemistry, process engineering and organic chemistry still constitute the core of the Department activity.