Teaching Activities


The CMIC Department offers its teaching to all the nine Faculties of Engineering, Architecture and Design of Politecnico di Milano, both for the basic fundamental courses (such as Chemistry or Materials Science and Engineering) and for the advanced courses for the Bachelor of Science and the Master of Science degrees. As a whole, more than 9000 students/year are distributed among the courses offered by the Department. It is worth mentioning the programs in Chemical Engineering and in Materials Engineering where the presence of the CMIC Departmentís professors is preponderant. Other important programs are those of Design, Biomedical Engineering and Energy Engineering where the CMIC Departmentís professors also play a relevant role. In 2002 and 2005, the CMIC Department came out to be the best Department of Politecnico di Milano for the bachelor courses and the second one for the master courses in the studentís satisfaction about the teaching activity. These rankings were confirmed in 2005. The Department also manages the Doctoral Schools in Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and in Materials Engineering while it participates to the Doctoral School in Industrial Design and Multimedia Communications. There are more than 70 doctoral students carrying out their research activities within the structures of the Department. It is worth emphasizing that several doctoral fellowships are funded by industries within the framework of research contracts with the Department.

Such a wide array of courses is the key to supply the industry with professionals having increasing levels of skill and knowledge, thus boosting its ability to compete at international level. The CMIC Department has a long standing tradition of collaboration with the industry.