Large Scales Facilities Laboratory

Large Scale Facilities Laboratory (LGSL)

     LGS Laboratory e-mail contacts:

     Prof. Andrea Mele
     Dr. Giovanni Fronza
     Mr. Walter Panzeri
     Mr. Daniele Parrilli 
     Mr. Mario Teti

     Phone +39 0223993006 (Office)
                 +39 0223993002 (MS-FTIR-UV-DSC-Xray)
                 +39 0223993001 (NMR Spectroscopy)

     LGS Laboratory Instrumentation:

    - Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectrometers
    - Mass spectrometers
    - FT-IR spectrometer
    - UV spectrometer
    - X-ray powder diffractometer
    - Differential scanning calorimeter
    - Lyophilizer
    - Polarimeter

                         Three FT NMR Spectrometers are installed in the LGS Laboratory

Image 1

                                               Bruker DRX (500 MHz) equipped with a 5 mm multinuclear probe                                                     
                                               with reverse detection and High Resolution Magic Angle Spinning 
                                               probe (1H, 13C).

Image 2

                                               Bruker AV 400 (400 MHz). instrument for samples solution, equipped 
                                                    with probe BBFO with automatic autotuning and autoshimming. 
                                               Automated instrument for high efficiency. Equipped with autosampler.

Image 3

                                           Bruker AVANCE 500 (500 MHz) equipped with a 5 mm four-nuclei probe 
                                           (1H, 19F, 31P, 13C) and a 10 mm multinuclear probe with fluorine lock. 
                                           The 10 mm probe is dedicated mainly to the measurements of deuterium 
                                           nuclei in natural abundance.

                             Two Mass Spectrometers are installed in the LGS Laboratory  

Image 4

                                                      GCMS: apparatus Agilent 5975C with electron ionization (EI) 
                                                      source, autosampler and headspace equipment.

Image 5

                                               LC/MS apparatus. Liquid chromatograph: Agilent 1100 Series, Mass 
                                                  spectrometer BRUKER Esquire 3000 PLUS Mass spectrometer 
                                                        is equipped with electrospray ionization (ESI) source and 
                                                        quadrupole ion trap (QIT) detector. Direct measurements 
                                                     are possible via direct infusion of the solution into the source. 
                                                           Tandem MS experiments MS^n available.

Image 6

                                                               X-ray diffraction:Bruker D2 Phaser powder X-ray 

Image 7

                                                                        FT-IR spectrometer: Varian 640-IR 
                                                                        FT-IR spectrometer with ATR option.

Image 8

                                                                          Differential scanning calorimetry:
                                                            Perkin Elmer DSC7 differential scanning calorimeter

Image 9

                                                                        Samples preparation laboratory and
                                                                        Propol Digital Automatic Polarimeter