Fluorine and Fluorinated Materials Laboratory (F2Lab)



Walter Maurizio Navarrini



Fluorination, perfluoroalkylation performed in gas phase and condensed phase in standard reactors or micro-reactors, using fluorine, hydrogen fluoride, fluorinated peroxides and other fluorinated reagents and catalysts. Photo catalytic reactions and fluorinated polymeric materials for energy conversion and environment.



Laboratory equipped with 9 hoods and alarms for specific gaseous oxidants

Continuous fluorination laboratory plant at ambient pressure, equipped with flow (TMF) and temperature controllers, on line analysis IR, GC and GC-MS, PBR and PFR reactors, semi-batch, and micro-reactors.

Steel vacuum line for handling aggressive gases at low pressure, e.g. batch fluorination

Glass vacuum line for experiments with gaseous compounds, e.g. dosage and low-temperature distillation

Photo-reactor system operating in liquid or gas phase

Distillation plant

Cryogenic system operating with liquid nitrogen or fluorocarbon

2 gas chromatographs with thermal conductivity detector (capillary and packed column) GC-TCD

Gas chromatograph coupled with mass spectrometer: GC-MS

Thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA in inert or oxidizing atmosphere)

Infrared spectrometer FT-IR

Laboratory desks equipped with technical and analytical balances, pH meter, dosimeter/titration, rotary micro vacuum drying system and micro-ohm meter.

Oven operating in vacuum or in inert atmosphere

Ultrasonic bath and stationary station for dremel and utensils

Big volume fridge-freezer (-26 C)

Glove box in inert atmosphere

Glove box for safe handling of nanoscale material



Area of ​​research: fluorine chemistry, fluorination and fluoro alkylation, fluorinated polymer materials for energy and the environment, photo catalysis and carbonaceous material.

Research line: oxidative photocatalysis , fluorinated monomers and highly reactive fluorinated intermediate, control of highly exothermic reactions, heterogeneous catalysis, fluorinated composites for fuel-cells, fluorinated polymers, hydrophobic and super hydrophobic surfaces,  conductive nanostructured carbonaceous material.